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Welcome to Pure Drops of Essential Oils. In order to be healthy and vibrant it is essential that you only use natural and safe products that do not contain any nasty chemicals. There is not a day that goes by where we do not use Young Living products. In our quest to reduce the amount of chemicals we use around the home, we were looking for chemical free alternatives that could help support our health and wellness and to bring balance and harmony to us – physically, mentally and emotionally.

Why Use Essential Oils?

Precious essential oils have been used for thousands of years for their medicinal, cosmetic, and spiritually uplifting properties. I am thrilled to be part of Young Living a company that has been the leader in essential oils for more than 20 years.  With an extensive product range of life-changing products, Young Living has never deviated from its foundation built on pure, effective essential oils. Whether you plan to use them aromatically, topically, or diffusing them I invite you to find out for yourself how every part of your life can benefit from our products. Young Living products are not available in retail stores.  For more information on these products, check out the categories below or the product guide.

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Essential Oils & Blends

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Seed to Seal Quality

Bath, Body and Beauty

At Home

 Ningxia Red - Seed to Seal Story

Savvy Mineral Makeup

Diffusers & Accessories

The Young Living Opportunity

Rainstone Diffuser

History of Essential Oils

Since ancient times, and as near as we can tell, from the beginning of recorded history the plant kingdom has provided rare and powerful extracts and essences that have long been prized for their beauty enhancing, medicinal, spiritual, aromatic and therapeutic value.

Aromatic plants, essences and oils have been used for ages in ceremony, religious observances, beauty care, food preparation and preservation, as incense, and for perfumes. Aromatic plants have also been the basis for herbal and botanical medicines and remedies for thousands of years.   Below there is a three part series all about the "Ancient World" of essential oils.




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